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Bulk Candy - Assorted Sour Pencils


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Do you LOVE candy? We share your passion. Need a ton of candy for a special event? Love of Candy's got you covered. Sourced from the most esteemed candy makers from around the world, Love of Candy has put together an extremely broad collection of bulk candy to fullfill your every need.

Product Features:

*Exceptionally sour assorted pencils packed with fruit flavors are sure to make you pucker with delight.

*These sour pencils have the tough consistency of licorice and are coated in a thin layer of sugar to ensure that candies don't get stuck to each other.

*Once you get throught the initial sour of the fruit flavors, you are rewarded with a pleasant sweetness that's unique to these sour pencils.

*Certified Kosher - Parve under the strict supervision of The Vaad Harabonim of Queens.

*Available in 1 pound increments from 1lb-10lbs.

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